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Projects are collection of documents organized in a certain way. You can create any number of projects, create any number of sections or folders within each project, give access to users for select folders, configure the project with approval workflows for uploaded files and do more...


Folders in a project will allow you to store files (just like Windows folders) in an orderly hierarchical manner. You may view the files in a tree view or in a list. Only those users granted the access to a folder as an owner (with upload and limited edit rights) or a user (read only) will be able to view the folders and the files stored in them.


Documents can be version controlled and can have labels. There are a number of ways to add documents and files into a section or to a project, from single entry form style interface, multiple entry spreadsheet style interface, importing data through a spreadsheet and uploading files in bulk. You may also drag and drop files and create entries automatically. Data entry and approval process are easy with Smart File Box.


Smart File Box offers an easy to use interface to mark up or annotating files. There are number of colors, shapes and easy to use drawing tools to create mark ups. The annotations can also be transferred automatically when a document is revised and a new file is uploaded. High quality prints can be generated with the annotations.


You can send messages instantly from within a document's details screen to any of the section owners or viewers. Those who receive the instant messages will be able to reply and send some files with the message. The messages could stand as supporting documentation. You can choose to add them when creating a Smart File.

Smart File

Smart File is a single PDF file containing the documents from specific sections matching certain criteria in a specific order, with table of contents, bookmarks, page numbers and header & footer. You can easily change the configuration, set the criteria and generate Smart Files for each project. Compliance records can be generated quickly and easily.